• Gratitude Offering to Goddess

Gratitude Offering to Goddess

Gratitude Offering to Goddess Butterfly for her powerful blessings, intuition, magick, time, shifts and guidance in your life.  

The Goddess Butterfly Effect™️

Showing appreciation and gratitude before and afterwards for the manifestation of what you desired... once it has come into existence, this can be done anytime and as often you spiritually and magickally want to connect to the sacred and powerful Vortex of GDB Energy. 

Every Offering you GIVE is a Symbol of Gratitude for Goddess Butterfly  “Activating Your Wings” during a time you Called in her Shows and needed Clarity, Guidance, or a Solution in your Life.

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without, As The Universe, So the Soul 

Disclaimer: This is a Gratitude GIft to Goddess Butterfly for any blessings, shifts, and transformations you have made in your life, because of connecting to The Goddess Butterfly Effect™️.

This Gratitude Gift does not include any GDB Session or any GDB Products, committments, or obligations from Goddess ButterflyIf you do need to purchase a GDB Session or GDB Product go back to our Home Page.

After you have made your authentic intention divine offerings, you will feel an outpouring of love, blessings, magick, and butterfly signs guiding you to move forward in your destined direction. 

“The Magick Resides Within You & I Connect You To It”  Goddess Butterfly❤️