GODDESS BUTTERFLY® Radio/TV Elite Occultist
Every Sunday Weekends with Goddess 8-10am on HOT 97.5
Every Wednesday Goddess Butterfly 8-9am on Da Bom106.9
Every Thursday Goddess Butterfly 7-8am on HOT 97.5
GDB Elite Sessions are a sacred Spiritual, Magickal, and Metaphysical necessity for the mass and ultra mass affluential, inspirational, and influential.
Your GDB Session is exclusive to your vibration and what you need to continue on your purposeful journey. Through intuitive and strategic GDB solutions you will be advised on what the seen and unseen energy blocks are and what to do to appease, subdue or eliminate. 
Once you invest in your needed GDB Session you will receive a confirmation Email within 48 hrs to Schedule your powerful selected GDB Elite Session.
~The Luxury of Time to Procrastinate about your current situation is now gone... Book your GDB Session now!
Experience a accelerated transformation in your internal and external state through The Goddess Butterfly Effect!