GDB M.A.N Talismans™ are worn as Armor by the Powerfully Spiritual and the Magickally Prestigious M.A.N

Sacred Ancient and Modern Invocation Rituals to Protect, Attract, Shield, and Manifest a Specific Powerful Energy. 

What will it cost you to not purchase your GDB Talisman?

All of our AAA+ GDB Natural Gemstones,Crystals & Minerals are handpicked and have been blessed and mined from all over the world.

What you Manifest or Do Not Manifest will always depend on your Personal Energy, Social Energy, and Magickal Energy

PERSONAL ENERGY-Your Birth Chart, Mindset, Attitude, Choices, Karma, and Daily Habits

SOCIAL ENERGY- Personal and Professional Relationships, Friends, Family, Co Workers, Clients/Customers,Hang out spots, and Environment

MAGICKAL ENERGY- Spiritual Practices, Beliefs, Tools, Rituals, Intentions, and GDB Prescriptions™